Re-Wild My Plate

Re-Wild My Plate is a laboratory of research and action exploring the notion of conservation cooking in the local context, from Forest Farm Feasts and Deep-Rooted Meats, to Cover Crop Salads and Hedgerow Liquors.

Re-Wild My Plate positions our diet as a practical conservation tool, used to improve and preserve natural resources and the biodiversity of local habitats. Together with a range of experts and artists, we investigate how the management of the island’s ecology might align with the production and consumption of food and the sourcing of nutrients, from uncultivated landscapes and natural infrastructures, to progressive farming practices. Ideas are shared and consumed through a series of meals, actions, presentations, products, discussions, workshops and publications. 

Re-Wild My Plate takes place in collaboration with the arts organisation The morning boat. It embodies a position that informs and inspires everything we do at The Sustainable Cooperative, from our support for local organic growers, to SCOOP SCHOOL and the food we create in our production kitchen.