Jersey Producers and Growers

We work with farmers and growers that care for the environment. We provide a stable market and fair prices for their produce and cooperate to develop the conditions and infrastructures required for organic farming in Jersey to thrive. We prioritise local growers and farmers that are certified by the Soil Association and supplement their produce with sustainably farmed produce from growers on our Pathways To Organic Markets programme. This page features some of our local suppliers. We look forward to growing this community of responsible producers.


Sarah and Helen have managed their 16 vergee organic smallholding in St. Peter since 2008. They grow a range of fruit and vegetables in their poly tunnels and fields, including chilli peppers, herbs, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine, salad greens, apples, pears, kiwi berries and peaches. They also supply us with Christmas Trees for the festive season. Greengro are certified by the Organic Soil Association.

"We wish to grow our crops with as little artificial input as possible, so as to cause minimal disturbance to the natural environment. We have permanent beds and perennial crops and feed the soil with surface mulches of compost. We strive to build soil structure by keeping digging and tilling to a minimum, only disturbing the soil when absolutely necessary. We feel that the use of pesticides and herbicides works against the ecological balance and may be just as harmful to us as growers and consumers as they are to the pests and vegetation that they target. Instead we use organic practices, eg barriers, netting and sowing times, to maximise the quality and quantity of our harvests."
Sarah Johnson, Greengro

Anneville Farm

Anneville Farm in St Martin supply the local market with an extensive range of high quality organic produce, championing heirloom varieties and nurturing biodiversity on … hectares of land. Anneville Farm are certified by the Organic Soil Association and were finalists in the 2019 BOOM Awards for Organic Farmer Of The Year.

“We are committed to looking at ways of maximising our positive impact on ecological systems, whilst looking after the land we have under our stewardship. We continuously attempt to understand our land better and build a more resilient food system.” Justin Le Gresley, Anneville Farm

La Source

Mark and Helen grow a range of vegetables and soft fruits on their smallholding at La Source in St Ouen. Alongside staples such as carrots, beetroot, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and salads, Mark experiments growing more unusual crops, such as Oca Potatoes and Yacon, while Helen provides us with lovely seasonal jams. They also have an orchard and supply us with a range of heritage apples. La Source is certified organic by the Soil Association.

"Humans, as a species, have taken up more than our fair share of the world, leaving less room for other creatures and damaging the environment on which we all depend. We farm organically because we don't want to make things worse! Mark aims to supply as much produce as possible for our own family's use with some surplus for sale. Being on board with SCOOP has connected us with a network of energetic, like-minded and appreciative people, which encourages us to continue and gives hope for the future of all of us." Helen Weston, La Source

Farm Fresh Organics / Bienvenue Farm

Run by Steven and Linda Carter, Bienvenue Farm is situated in St Lawrence. Steven and Linda provide a range of crops from their fields and poly tunnels, while tending to a flock of organic free range chickens to provide us with fresh eggs. The Sustainable Cooperative are based in the former Farm Fresh Organics shop space.

“We moved away from conventional farming over 20 years ago and have seen our soil change from relying on artificial fertilizers and pesticides, to becoming alive with earthworms and other creatures, all enhancing the natural fertility of the land.” Linda Carter, Farm Fresh Organics

Douet Farm

Laurence and Louise Agnès from Douet Farm in Trinity produce and sell organic goat milk, goat cheese and goat meat, as well as 100% grass fed lamb. Their goat's milk is gently pasteurised and makes the creamiest coffees and hot chocolates. Their Jersey Goat's Cheese log is mild and delicate in flavour. It slices nicely, browns under the grill, crumbles for salads and goes wonderfully gooey when baked!

“At Douet Farm, we are passionate about good food, sustainable farming and preserving Jersey's beautiful countryside. We've always believed in working with nature to achieve our goals. Since owning the land, not a drop of chemical fertiliser or pesticide has touched it and we are pleased to be officially certified organic with the Soil Association. We are regularly inspected by the Soil Association, and there is no other set of international farming standards that delivers higher standards of animal welfare, soil care and environmental and wildlife protection. By choosing certified organic products, you know you're doing the best for yourself and the planet.” Louise Agnes, Douet Farm

Le Tacheron

Le Tacheron are an exciting heritage farm based in Trinity, growing and milling a range of organic cereals, including Spelt, Oats, Barley and Winter Wheat, brewing cider and rearing grass fed goat, sheep and cows. Their traditional mill produces high quality stoneground flour that is rich in oils and nutrients and perfect for bread baking. Le Tacheron use working horses wherever possible to minimise their impact on the environment and reduce soil compaction. When they can't use horses they use lightweight machinery to minimise carbon emissions. They plant 10% of their land with wildflowers. Le Tacheron are part of the Pathways to Organic Markets Initiative.

“Le Tacheron is an old Jersey farming expression meaning;"The Team". Historically it described the ultimate potato harvesting team: 3 workers, each with a specific role that the others depended on. For us, Le Tacheron symbolises the relationship between the farm and the environment, the farmer and his community and the ploughman and his horse. This is our team. We care about our food and where it comes from. We care about the environment and we care about what our families eat.”
Charles Le Maistre, Le Tacheron

Greenacres Farm / Greenwood Growers

Greenacres Farm covers an area of seven verges and is one of Jersey's longest running farms certified by the Organic Soil Association. Mike Greenwood took over the farm from Brian Adair in 2016. Mike Greenwood concentrates on growing potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, lettuce and fennel. The farm also produces module raised plants for other growers.

"I have been working in agriculture for 40 years. My motivation to farm organically came at a time in my life when I needed a new challenge. I had farmed next door to Grass Roots Organic and had always admired the range of salad and vegetable crops Brian Adair produced and sold, so when he decided to hang up his boots I knew I wanted to see if I could carry on his work. Grass Roots Organic is not producing the range of crops that it used to, but I want to concentrate on a few crops and grow them well, rather than over stretch myself. Soil fertility is the key to success, so a rotation is used, including short term grass and clover leys."
  Mike Greenwood, Greenwood Growers

Sprouts Farming Club / La Cornetterie Farm

La Cornetterie Farm is a smallholding in St. Martin farming pigs, chickens and vegetables. It is also home to Sprouts Farming Club, an initiative providing children and young people in Jersey with an opportunity to engage with organic farming practices, to change the way children value the food they eat. Sprouts Farming Cliub are part of the Pathways to Organic Markets Initiative.

“It’s time to inspire and inform the younger generation about where our food comes from and the careful and lengthy process required to get it to our tables. They need to play outside, get their hands dirty and be inquisitive about the natural environment.” Grace Crake, Sprouts Farm Club

Master Farms

Master Farms is a mixed dairy and vegetable farm run by the Le Maistre family. 270 vergees (50 hectares) are dedicated to growing a range of organic crops, including potatoes, courgettes, squash, broad beans and cauliflower. The cows play a fundamental role in an organic production cycle, providing a rest period, as the herd come to graze on fallow land. Master Farms is certified by the Organic Soil Association. 

"The benefits of organic farming are numerous. We understand that the future of farming requires sustainability, forward thinking and innovative new ways to tackle problems. ... We are learning skills that can be transferred to our conventional crops, leading to a healthier environment for all.”
Matt Le Maistre, Master Farms

Cooper & Co

Cooper & Co have been in existence since 1890 and are one of Jersey's oldest locally owned businesses. They focus on sustainable sourced coffee from around the world, with a range of fairly traded organic teas and coffee. Cooper & Co are one of a handful of small roasters in the United Kingdom that is audited by the Fairtrade Foundation.

“Cooper's approach to purchasing coffee is based around paying a fair price to our producers and building a relationship with our suppliers to better understand the needs and challenges for coffee growers around the world. This separates us from the world of commodity coffee and the anonymity that enables tonnes of coffee to be sold below the cost of production. The end result is great coffee, and a sustainable socioeconomic environment.” David Warr, Cooper & Co

Les Herbes de St Pierre

John and Christine Mather create herbal teas infusions using herbs grown organically at Belmont Farm in Jersey. They use ‘officinalis’ species of plants rather than novel varieties. Flowers and leaves are hand picked at their peak to ensure the best quality and flavour. They are then dried slowly and gently, without forced heating, so that the maximum amount of essential oil remains in the leaf.

Local Beekeepers

We invite all local beekeepers to sell their honey at SCOOP and are proud of our growing collection! We have honey from Kingsley Pallot in St Ouen, Dario Parmesan in St Brelade, Cathy Sutton in St Lawrence, Jamie Hogan in St Mary and Andre Militis in Trinity. Cathy Sutton makes beeswax candles, while Jane Osborne makes local beeswax wraps. We sometimes stock beeswax polish, propolis tincture and propolis balm from beekeeper Nick Faulkner.