The Production Kitchen

The Production Kitchen works with local chefs to create in-house products using the best organic ingredients.

The Production Kitchen provides us with an opportunity to support local growers and reduce our food waste, by finding creative and delicious uses for surplus or abundant produce. Products include pestos, preserves, ferments, dips, snacks, cakes, bakes and spreads, alongside heartwarming curries and stews for lunchtimes and takeaways. A special emphasis is placed on waste innovation, seasonality and conservation cooking. The Production Kitchen also introduces new ingredients to customers, demonstrating their uses and qualities. All recipes are shared with our members. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer to work alongside our chefs in the kitchen as part of the team.

Plant Milk Lab

The Plant Milk Lab explores the potential for seasonal plant milks using locally available ingredients and flavours that have a beneficial impact on biodiversity and the environment. These have included cob nuts, buckwheat, peas, oats, yacon, blackberries, chestnuts and hemp seeds. Customers can pre-order their Plant Milks for collection and a small recipe book is being compiled for those interested in making their own.


The SCOOP Deli extends the range of products available in our shop, to meet the needs of our customers and make use of surplus produce. Products include dips, sauces, pestos, snacks, pates, marinades and more. Items are packaged in recycled glassware that goes through the SCOOP LOOP

SCOOP Preserves

Our traditional chutney and preserves production is led by Jacqui Jones, supported by a group of wonderful volunteers. Additional team members focus on fermentation. SCOOP preserves extend the growing season, utilise overly abundant produce, reduce food waste and teach traditional techniques, to promote a culture of preserving and fermenting fresh produce. Recipes and starter cultures are shared freely with members and a local fermentation club will meet at SCOOP from 2021.

Ready Meals

Each week we invite a guest chef to curate and prepare a simple and delicious take home meal using local organic seasonal produce. Volunteers are invited to work alongside them, to learn new skills. Each Chef brings different cultural influences to the table. Our Ready Meals avoid the use of disposable takeaway packaging, by deploying a circular SCOOP LOOP Tiffin Box system.

SCOOP Lunches

Following a three week trial we will be developing a lunchtime take out service for 2021. Warming stews, soup and curries, alongside action packed nourishing toasties and sandwiches. We hope to offer this service to both our customers and local businesses.