The Sustainable Cooperative is owned by its members, who elect company directors to oversee the running of the cooperative. Members pay a monthly subscription to access items at reduced rates and be a part of the cooperative. Non members can use the shop and pay standard retail prices.

Membership benefits include a discount of 25% on purchases in the SCOOP store, alongside a range of discounts with other local businesses. Subscription levels are set in relation to the size of your household - £15 for those living alone, £25 for two and three person households, £35 for households of four or more and £5 for low income households. Subscriptions provide a degree of stability, while making it more affordable for people in Jersey to access organic produce. The Sustainable Cooperative is a not for profit company and any funds generated go towards the Objectives laid out in our Articles of Association. 

If you would like to join The Sustainable Cooperative, please fill in the application form and bring this with you when you next come to the shop. We look forward to welcoming you into the Cooperative!

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