Volunteering at SCOOP

Volunteers maximise the positive impact we can have. They give us the breathing space to direct resources towards growing the cooperative and expanding the services we are able to offer.

We are blessed with some wonderful volunteers and are incredibly grateful for their time, energy and enthusiasm. From stocking up the shop, to bookkeeping, building work, administrative work, delivery services and helping in the community kitchen, we can always use a spare pare of hands. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved and become part of our friendly team! Those helping on a regular basis receive free membership.

At The Sustainable Cooperative we believe the future can be protected when we work together and we are proud of the diverse community we are creating at The Sustainable Cooperative. When we are faced with a challenge, large or small, the community has come together to help find a solution. When we needed a fly curtain, members got to work creating a beautiful curtain using 100s of recycled bottle tops. During the Covid19 Lockdown volunteers kept the business going, while also fulfilling a valuable service, packing and delivering groceries and essential items to 250 household across the island. Cooperatives are resilient and rewarding.

"I have been an advocate of organic/ ethical products and zero waste practices for some time, so the opportunity to volunteer fitted well with my way of life. Particularly important to me is the ethos underpinning Scoop's business model. It is set up as a not for profit cooperative based on sustainability and circular economics, without directors and shareholders demanding continuous high returns and dividend payouts. It is satisfying to be a part of this method of running a business." Colin Gully, SCOOP volunteer

Volunteer at SCOOP!