Pathways to Organic Markets

Pathways to Organic Markets is a programme that works with the Government of Jersey and a range of stakeholders to develop opportunities for small scale organic growers to access the local market.

Pathways to Organic Markets recognises the challenges faced by organic smallholders and farmers on an island with specific economic, geographic and infrastructural realities. To address these challenges we are connecting landowners with growers, developing an auditing system for small scale organic initiatives and helping those interested in starting an organic enterprise to navigate legal requirements, licensing, organic applications and viable markets.

Pathways to Organic Markets is led by a steering group of growers and landowners. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved. We welcome interest from smallholders, permaculture practitioners, agri-hobbyists, CSA initiatives, forest farmers, land owners looking for ecologically centered farming and farmers wishing to convert to organic farming practices. The Sustainable Cooperative considers buying produce grown by those actively involved in the programme on a case-by-case basis. Produce is marked as ‘Pathways’ produce.

On an island that currently exports a large percentage of its agricultural output, while importing most of the food that is consumed, the Pathways programme aims to create a more resilient and diverse supply of organic food throughout the year.

A questionnaire is used to create a database of interested parties and map the potential for organic farming practices in Jersey.