The Shop

Our farm shop showcases local organic growers, artisan producers and a range of ethical and sustainable household items. 

With a growing range of over 400 products, we aim to meet most of your daily needs. Products include fresh fruit and vegetables, pastas, grains, cereals, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, sugars, flours, spices, loose teas, chocolates, oils, vinegars, baked goods, cheeses, meats, dairy, household goods, detergent refills, sanitary products and much more. We sell by weight, so customers are encouraged to bring their own containers. Containers are first weighed and then filled with items from the shop. The weight of the container is taken off at the till.

Over 95% of the food we sell is certified organic, in transition to organic certification, or part of our Pathways to Organic Markets initiative. We place an emphasis on quality, seasonality and biodiversity. We celebrate open-pollinated heirloom varieties that have disappeared from supermarket supply chains, while sharing information on how to enjoy your discovery.  We prioritise local producers and support local artisans and makers. Our pricing policies are transparent, consistent and fair, for both the producer and the consumer. Household goods and hygiene products are chosen for their ethical and low waste values. 

We want shopping for food to be friendly, fun and sociable, full of pleasant surprises and new adventures. Members of staff are on hand to offer support and encouragement. We sometimes offer simple SCOOP soups and stews, local musicians play live acoustic sets, children draw in our community corner, customers chat and exchange ideas. 

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm

Marcus Calvani

Just simply the greatest way to shop... relaxed, visual, fresh, sustainable and delicious.

Melody Evans

Much needed low waste organic cooperative, friendly staff and feels great shopping here, love it! Lots of choice and yummy food and household products

Fi Le Brun

All my favourite values rolled into a one stop shop

Jenny Topman

Fab staff as well as great food.

Liane Gilley

First time visiting Scoop today and took my 6yr old daughter and 7yr old son with me. They were so intrigued and the young man serving was so helpful and patient with all their questions. We came away with a few bits to start our Scoop journey. I will certainly be back and making it a frequent event. Thank you

Michelle Silvester

great organic produce, non profit, and lots of local produce x love it x

Louise Carson

A whole new and far more enjoyable shopping experience which helps no end in my efforts to reduce waste. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help you get answers to any questions. Thanks for being there!

Patricia Carroll Woodward

Love going to SCOOP. High quality products, friendly staff and great ethos. Bought local honey, eggs, olive oil, puy lentils, turmeric and fresh vegetables. Take your own containers and bottles. You weigh them and then weigh the goods at the end.

Chris Thomas

We went to Scoop for the first time today, fabulous choice. You best to take your own food containers!! We will be back.....

Louise Foreman

Great yummy healthy produce at reasonable prices.

Karen Rihoy

Friendly helpful staff & great fresh organic produce .

Rosie Barclay

Lovely produce and a fun place to shop. It's a bit like playing shops when you were small as you get to weigh things. The chocolate buttons are rather scrummy as well and the cheese and it just feels nice as you are doing your bit for the environment.

Carey Brown Benander

Took out first trip today and we’ll be back again soon. Excited to make good use of the products on offer—and excited to see what more comes in the future! Highly recommended!

Jonathan Corfe

It’s great to have somewhere that sells a good variety. Let’s make sure we support this business!

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