Excited to have the pork sausage for sale! Come grab ‘em.

NEWS just in, the farmers of this meat have just become a Finalist for the Best British Farmer for Business Diversification. As conservation farmers in the lakes they work tirelessly to shift their income stream towards byproducts and sustainable innovations. It’s a challenge with hard brexit and dangerously cheap supermarket meat to gain consumer understanding of why animal products should cost more, be part of a ethical ecosystem and be eaten less frequently. At SCOOP you can buy Hoggat, Pork, Jersey Shampoo and Handsoap and Wool all from this farm. If you are choosing to follow the EAT Lancet advice on an environment diet it is important to use your meat budget on high quality animal production.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this please PM and we will set up an education evening.

Maria Zeb Benjamin THANK YOU!!!!

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